This program is a one-day course designed for experienced 3M Scott Fire & Safety SCBA Certified Technician I Trainers. The program is offered as an alternative to the two-day program for re-certification as a 3M Scott Fire & Safety SCBA Certified Technician I Trainer.

Program Information

The trainer will be required to conduct a 30-minute Presentation/Demonstration or Facilitate a Hands-on activity. The presentation topic or activity will be assigned by the instructor.

The trainer will be required to participate and provide feedback during all class Presentations/Demonstrations and Hands-on activities.

To qualify for the 3M Scott Fire & Safety one-day re-certification program the following requirements must be met.


The Trainer must be currently employed with the organization listed on His/Her current certification.

Must be an active trainer conducting a minimum of ten (10) SCBA Certified Technician I Training Programs over a 24 month period.

The Trainer must complete the training activity verification form and email the completed form to

Download the Activity Form by clicking the link below.

Air Supplied Certified Trainer Activity Form

Important Registration Note:

A registration fee of $700.00 USD is required for each Authorized Service Center or Rental Fleet Partner registrant (a distributor based or 3rd party owned service center). Refer to 2024 Training ProgramsIf you have additional questions on the Fee requirements please contact us at

Registration fee applies to all SCBA Certified Technician II Programs conducted at 3M Scott Fire & Safety or Host Facilities.


Facility Information:

3M Scott Fire & Safety is a tobacco and vaping free campus.
Short pants, open toed shoes and sleeveless shirts are not permitted in the facility.
If you wear prescription safety glasses please bring them with you to class.


Class Length:
8 Hours
Course Duration Time:
1 Day
Class Type:
Recommended Audience:
3M Scott Fire & Safety SCBA Certified Technician I Trainer
Certification Earned Upon Completion:
3M Scott Fire & Safety SCBA Certified Technician I Trainer