The 3M Scott Air-Pak SCBA Certified Technician II program is a combined air supplied course which includes all 3M Scott Industrial and Fire Service respirators. The Air-Pak SCBA Certified Technician II course are offered at regional locations throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. After successful completion of the 3M Scott Air-Pak SCBA Certified Technician II course the technician is authorized to perform complete overhaul level repairs on all 3M Scott respirators. This training includes written and hands-on instruction. Students learn how to properly inspect, disassemble, assemble, test, troubleshoot and repair 3M Scott Air-Pak SCBA.

Pre-qualification and required agreements must be completed prior to registering for this course.

Important Registration Note:

For questions regarding pre-qualification, required agreements and registration fees charged for this class please contact the instructor via email by clicking on the instructors name shown above. Refer to 2022 Training Programs.

Class Length:
32 hours
Course Duration Time:
4 days
Class Type:
Classroom and Hands-on
You must be employed by a Scott Authorized Service Center or Scott Authorized In-House Repair Center and have completed the SCBA Certified Technician I course.
Certification Earned Upon Completion: